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I help coaches and course creators build their strategy and tech setup – ALL inside Kajabi. Your peace of mind is my priority! 

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Don’t let the tech-setup hold you back.
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  • 12-year experience offering branding, social media, digital marketing and web design services.
  • Kajabi-certified through the Heart-Centered Apprentice Program
  • Heart Centered Apprentice completed competencies: Email & Contact Mangamenet, Process Automation, List Building Strategy, Webinars & Challenges, Sales Page Design, Product & Offer Creation.
  • Began working with Kajabi in 2020

My Toolkit

  • Kajabi

  • WordPress

  • Shopify

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Lightroom

  • Zoom
  • StreamYard

  • Screenflow

  • Loom

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Calendly
  • Google Workspace
  • Domains & Hosting

  • Facebook Ads

  • Business Manager

I want to see your work...

My Work Samples

What My Clients Say:

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Carola Leon

I worked with Maria Cristal to design my Kajabi page, and she delivered an incredibly fast, efficient, and organized solution. She is amazing! She managed to design and deliver 14 pages in less than 4 days, including several rounds of feedback and corrections. She was readily available, and returned my corrections in a matter of hours. Likewise, she was also very clear on what she required from me before we started to work, which helped avoid delays and made the process all the more efficient.

Before working with her, I felt frustrated with the slow pace I was achieving and the poor design I was able to create. I believe her most valuable asset is her profound knowledge of the Kajabi platform, which reflects directly in her work speed and in the amazing recommendations she gave me. She also has a great eye for design and was able to create a modern and elegant brand image on my page. I loved the final result!

I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help designing the front and back-end of their Kajabi site.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Laura Hurtado

For a few years I had the dream of being able to have an online course where I could share my knowledge online within the reach of many people.

In June 2022 I was super stuck because although I had all the content recorded, I didn't know how to continue, I had seen courses and I really liked Kajabi, but I had no idea how to launch or where to start

Like a light from heaven, an Ad appeared on Instagram of María Cristal talking about launches in Kajabi and my path was illuminated.

I wrote to her, she answered me super quickly, we did a clarity session where I felt we clicked a lot and she understood exactly my needs at that moment, she told me that she already had an outline with key questions to develop the session.

Days later I received a super clear and precise proposal of what the steps to follow would be in time, form and value and I felt very peaceful to see the path so clear.

That's right, we set ourselves a launch date. And week after week she gave me tasks that challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and most importantly led me to understand my product and my audience much more. The best part is that she helps you with guided frameworks, so you can have a guideline!

Undoubtedly the best decision this year to carry out this project, thank you, María Cristal, for your excellence, for your discipline and your guide, still pregnant, you were always available until the last second of the launch, supporting me professionally and emotionally in this challenge that was for me.

How nice it is to find people who genuinely live to help others.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Anna Grear

To be honest, I don't find Kajabi very intuitive to use. It's a challenging experience. I was struggling to make my website look anything beyond mediocre. So I turned to Maria Cristal and Solusync. I'm really pleased I did. The result is a powerful, well-organised, clear and visually arresting site. Maria is efficient, clear, and helpful throughout. I'd highly recommend her if, like me, you want to raise your website's game.

How nice it is to find people who genuinely live to help others.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Leslie Torres

When María Cristal told me that my website would be ready in 5 days after I delivered preliminary work, I silently thought, “no way!” I didn't think it would be possible. To my surprise, on the 3rd day of the project launch, my page was ready and published. The design was beautiful, better than I had dreamed: elegant, intuitive, simple. And the functionality πŸ”πŸŒŸ!

María Cristal is the perfect ally for me: she understands me right away, challenges me, gives me a lot of courage, confronts me with sweetness and respect, and the quality of her work is extraordinary.

I recommend her with my eyes closed, I declare myself a fan, and I hope to work with her on many more projects.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Ana Vassallo

The strategy session with María Cristal exceeded my expectations! I never thought that in just 1 hour I would receive so many answers, suggestions, and steps to follow.

Her approach is accurate, immediately detects what needs to be eliminated, improved and/or added, with sharpness and warmth, it provided me with a clear compass so as not to get lost in the process.

And as if that were not enough, she sent me a concise written summary of the topics covered in the session. I finally found what I was looking for a long time!

Thank you, María Cristal, this has been only the first step of many others that will come from your hand.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Dr. Mauricio González

Before working with María Cristal, we had a very vague idea of what we wanted. But thanks to Solusync's detailed guide, to all the questions they asked us to get to know our brand, it was very easy for us to materialize our project in order to reach thousands of people around the world.

Her work plan is perfect. She presented us with a calendar with detailed tasks, which greatly facilitates the progress of the project. Maria Cristal is highly professional and effective. She is very organized, focused on details, she explains herself clearly at all times. It has been a pleasure working with her, our time and investment have paid off.

The times agreed at the beginning of the project were  fulfilled on time. I like how professional María Cristal is. Thanks to her knowledge, we were able to materialize our project. I strongly recommend your services.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Fanny Goris

I did not come to Solusync by chance, but rather it was the result of a search among the best options on the market to design the website for my consulting firm. Well, for a long time I had been clear about the need to have a portal that shows who we are, the solutions we offer and what niche we are oriented towards.

The experience I had with María Cristal and her team was wonderful; In addition to receiving a professional, personalized and quality job, I can say that my view of the possibilities that digital marketing opens up for me went from the 20th century to the 21st century. I'm thankful for the patience and how they took care of my budget and taught me along the way. I think that makes their value proposition more honest and human.

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Dr. Mabel Luciano

Hi, I'm Mabel Luciano from "No Need to Cheat". I took previous strategy sessions with María Cristal where she told me my business needed a revamp for my website, so I knew that by putting it in her hands would be the best opportunity.

For a period of one month, we worked together on the website. María Cristal and her team provided us with excellent treatment and recommendations and guided the web towards increasing sales and the flow of people. I have a month with the new website and I can notice the difference in terms of sales and also, how leads needed to clarify fewer doubts due to how well the website was explained. 100% recommended for an online business that needs to be reinvented or launched from scratch.

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Hi, I'm Maria Cristal

My experience begins in 2011 when I founded my digital agency, Solusync, and started implementing branding, social media, and digital marketing tactics and strategies to help grow businesses.

As a college professor, I started teaching digital marketing courses, and due to the pandemic, in April 2020, launched my online academy on Kajabi.

My branding, digital marketing background, and experience building websites on WordPress and Shopify, helped me to build and sell my own courses in less than the 30 days trial.

Since then, I fell in love with the Kajabi tech-building, automations, and course creations.

I now enjoy helping coaches and course creators build their strategy and tech setup – ALL inside Kajabi.

Where do I stand out? Yes, I implement the technology, but with a good dose of strategy, mindset, and passion.

One of my superpowers is, that I am FAST. I can build out faster than most, and that gets you selling online quicker.

I want to work with you!

My Digital Marketing Agency & Online Academy:

Academic Experience & Certifications:

I jump out of bed for:

Work related to Branding / Design & Tech Setup for Websites and Courses. Tech Setup for Webinar and Sales Funnels.

I love to work with:

Clients that value and respect my experience and time. Know what they want and who's their ideal client. A coachable, action-taker that is open to learn.

Not-so-favorite clients:

Clients that micromanage, are unable to meet deadlines nor get their part done to reach success.

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